Speaking, Facilitation
& Workshops:

Through her experience, Sharon has created a fully-customizable set of workshops and speeches that can be catered to any crowd. 


Embracing our Superpowers

Presentations about how the lived experience of mental health conditions can be reframed as Superpowers, with insight and resources on how to Embrace our Superpowers for our own well-being and the greater good. Excellent for classrooms, professional development, team-building, and creating health working and learning environments.

Courses include:

  • What you call a ‘Mental Illness’ I call a Superpower
  • Finding Your Inner Superhero!
  • Hello, My Name is Anxiety and I’d like to be your Superpower
  • Rising up from the Depths: Depression as a Superpower
  • I Can See From Both Sides Now: Balancing Bi-Polar Superpowers
  • It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Shiny Object!: Focusing the Superpowers of AD(H)D
  • Tapping into Your Team’s Superpowers
  • Flying Solo and Not Tripping on Your Cape - Mental Health & the Entrepreneur

Strengthening Democracy:
Mental Health & Activism

Elected life and political activism can have a profound impact on the mental health of the individuals who seek to build a better world in service of others. From grassroots engagement, political activism, and strategizing to campaigning and engaging voters, each draws the best from us, but can also undermine our mental well-being. Issues of stigma and stress often keep those of us with lived experience from seeking elected office. For those who have yet to experience mental health conditions, politics can be the place where mental well-being is undermined for the first time. This series can support people at any level of political engagement to build their resilience and to use their Superpowers for good!

Courses include:

  • Minister with a Mood Disorder: Elected Life, Lived Experience & Superpowers
  • More than Sidekicks: Activists and Organizers
  • So You Want to Change the World: Mental Well-being for Candidates
  • Welcome to the Jungle: Mental Well-being for the Newly Elected
  • With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Transforming Political Culture & Elected Office

Empowering Leadership

Leadership draws on many aspects of our character and experience. It teaches us a great deal, and comes with great responsibilities. Engaging stories about leadership that will empower you to bring out your best, because we often learn the most when confronting challenging situations.

Courses include:

  • The ‘F’ Word: Feminism as a foundation for leadership, team-building & equity
  • What can a ‘white girl’ know?: Non-Indigenous Canadians as allies – respectfully engaging & supporting Indigenous Empowerment