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What if you could build a Culture of  Accountability that transforms lives and business performance?  What if there was a way to truly transform a culture that engages even our toughest critics; our millennials but also prepares us for the generation right behind them.  What if that high performing team, with incredible collective energy, and optimal brain function, actually is attainable.

Tap into the practical tools, proven techniques, and world-renowned leadership learning that truly creates the new energy organization. 

Globally Recognized, Internationally Acclaimed New World LeadershipTM  Program.  Transforming Lives…Transforming Results

We take leaders on a journey of self-exploration, neuroscience, heart/brain connection and the creation of positive energy that impacts all areas of their working and personal lives.

Compelling Program with Compelling Results

Described by CEO as “real, honest, life-changing and highly impactful. A truly transformational experience.”



eQuoo is an Emotional Fitness game

eQuoo will teach you the essential psychological skills you need to be able to level up in the game – and in life, too. Once you’ve mastered a skill set, you will embark on a choose-your-own adventure game, where each level is a different genre. Whether its sci-fi, a love story or sword and sorcery, you will be challenged to use your skills to level up.

The skills and story lines are empirically based on current psychological research using psycho-education, gamification and AI to take you on an adventure that supersedes the game. You will find yourself equipped with emotional and psychological skills that will get you ahead in all your relationships – be it work, with your family, or in your own love story.

eQuoo will be part of a psychological RCT (random control trial) to verify our claims that eQuoo makes your life better – don’t trust us, trust the science! eQuoo is a product of PsycApps Limited.



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Robyn Priest  LIVE YOUR TRUTH, is a mental health and peer support education and strategy firm. All programs are designed and delivered by people with their own experience of living with a mental health issue, or a family member of someone living with a mental health issue.


To demystify the many misconceptions of mental health issues from a perspective of someone who has lived it, so we can educate people to go after, and live the life of their dreams. Their “REAL” truth.