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I love sharing my story with audiences - how a geek girl with mental health conditions reframed them as Superpowers along her path through life:  from an academic and survivor of both cancer and domestic violence, to a single mom, and even Minister of Health! 

My love of pop culture and passion for learning, growing, and helping others led me to create two mental health programs that foster education and empowerment:

Embrace Your Superpowers - The Marvel-inspired Reframing that started it all!

Bulletproof To Stigma - Lyrical & Lived Experience Mental Health tools found in the music of Korea's BTS!  

Bring Empowering & Inspiring presentations to your convention, conference, school, or business!

"The way you present these ideas is truly phenomenal and completely relatable. I left your presentation looking at everything in a whole new positive perspective!“

Daniella R.

Bayer EYS Participant 

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