Embrace Your

Speak Up started with a vision to share

Embrace Your Superpowers

a mental health framework that I developed 

for myself and my children.

My experience as the Minister of Health for Manitoba, 

educator in Social Work & Nursing, lived experience of mental health diagnosis, interest in current neuroscience,

and love of comic books, have all informed a perspective and set of tools that empower and educate to end stigma.

Great for Superheroes, their Allies, Families, and Mentors!

Embrace Your Superpowers

uses techniques from CBT, Mindfulness, Peer-Support,

and is grounded in neuroscience.


It reframes mental health diagnoses as Superpowers

- seeing them as inherently neutral: 

Left untreated and unsupported, they can unravel lives.

However, if understood, embraced, and focused within an empowering framework, for life-long growth and recovery,

these Superpowers can give people the ability

to thrive and succeed.

Embrace Your Superpowers

empowers us to grow and non-judgmentally integrate the successes and failures in our on-going recovery. 

Embrace Your Superpowers 

provides an assets-based stigma-free context

for others to understand, and support,

the lived experience of those they know and love.

Find Your Inner Superhero!

Superhero Inspired Mental Health Resources & Tools


Keynotes, Workshops & Community Content

*Topics For Your Live Event, Fan Convention, or Workplace*


Start With

"What You Call a Mental Illness,

I Call a Superpower"


An introduction to

Embrace Your Superpowers

content listed below. 


Then pick themes and specific titles

to build a program that works

for your event or organization! 

X-Men & Avengers

Our Superpowers

  • Spidey-Senses: Anxiety's Superpower

  • Winter Soldier: Power from Depression's Darkness

  • Hank Pym: Creativity & Balance in Bipolar Superpowers!

  • Iron Man: Mastering the Assets of OCP/OCD

  • Wolverine: Post-Traumatic Growth & Healing

  • Nightcrawler: AD(H)D The Superpower of Divergent Focus

  • + More diagnosis profiles 

Professor X

Creating Mentally

Healthy Environments

  • Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters: Youth & Mental Health

  • Tap into Your Team’s Superpowers: Workplace Mental Health

  • United They Stand: Peer Support Perspectives and Tools

  • Superheroes & Allies: Supporting Loved Ones with Lived Experience

Sidekicks & Utility Belts

Tools for Recovery

  • Black Panther & Shuri: Your Sidekick is Closer Than You Think

  • Captain Marvel: Positive Psychology in Recovery

  • Welcome to the Multiverse: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Related Tools

  • Doctor Strange: Mastering Meditation & Mindfulness

  • JARVIS & FRIDAY: Tech, Apps, and Recovery.



Our Nemesis

  • The Shadow King: Overcoming The Inner Critic

  • Getting out of Genosha: Overcoming Stigma

  • Whose Side Are You On?: Understanding Our Impact on Loved Ones with Diagnoses

Professor Hulk

Specialized Topics 

  • Flying Solo & Not Tripping on Your Cape: Mental Health for Entrepreneurs

  • How To Be Your Clients’ Superhero: Project Management, Leadership & Saving The Day

  • Avengers Assemble(d): Cosplay for Mental Health

  • Embrace Your Superpowers: Empowering Mental Health Workshops for:

    • Medical Professionals

    • Employees & Teams

    • Schools 

  • + Customized Topics​

Origin Stories

Life As A Mutant 

  • Minister With A Mood Disorder: An Insider’s Perspective on Lived Experience in Elected Office

  • Hiding In Plain Sight: The Life of A Mental Health Superhero

  • Finding My Inner Superhero: Embracing Lived Experience & Geekdom

  • How Comics & K-Pop Saved My Life: A Fan-Girl’s Mental Health Journey


Find your Inner Superhero
 Embrace Your Superpowers!

“With great power,
there must also come great responsibility.”

- Stan Lee (1922-2018),  Amazing Fantasy #15, 1962

These words from Stan Lee have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, shaping how I raised my sons,  led my classes, and took responsibility for a provincial Health Department.


They are why I do what I do today, helping other Superheroes.

As a True Believer,

I recognize the value of my struggles,

and of my privilege, and I seek to use both

for the benefit of others.

Thank you, Stan

for being one of my greatest teachers!