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Finding Assests

  • Anxiety: Threat Recognition & Strategic Planning

  • Depression: Grounded Realism & Big Picture Thinking

  • Bipolar: Creativity, Confidence & Energy

  • OCD/OCP: Organizational & Systems Excellence

  • PTSD: Growth, Healing & Resiliency

  • AD(H)D:  Divergent Focus & Diplomacy

  • + More diagnosis profiles 

Creating Mentally

Healthy Environments

  • Asset Management: How to Play to Strengths

  • Flexing for Success: Differences for Remote Work Mental Health

  • In It Together: Peer Support Perspectives and Tools

  • When Your Team Goes Home: Supporting Their  Loved Ones with Lived Experience

Tools for Recovery

  • Neuroplasticity: Your Best Tool is Built In

  • The Power of Perspective: Positive Psychology in Recovery

  • Mind Shift: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Related Tools

  • In The Moment: Mastering Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Check Your Phone: Tech, Apps, and Recovery.

What We Really Need

  • Overcoming The Inner Critic: The Role of Self-Talk

  • Overcoming Stigma: Breaking from Stereotypes

  • Rethinking Help:

  • Understanding Our Impact on Those with Diagnoses

  • Benefits & Programs: Are You Really Meeting Needs or Taking What Your Provider Offers?

Specialized Topics 

  • Using MH Tools To Improve Client Experience: Project Management, Leadership & Saving The Day

  • Empowering Mental Health Workshops for:

    • Medical Professionals

    • Employees & Teams

    • Leadership Development

    • Schools 

  • Flying Solo: Mental Health for Entrepreneurs

  • + Customized Topics​

Leadership & Lived Experience 

  • Minister With A Mood Disorder: An Insider’s Perspective on Lived Experience in Elected Office

  • Hiding In Plain Sight: The Life of A Mental Health Superhero

  • Finding My Inner Superhero: Embracing Lived Experience & Geekdom

  • How Comics & K-Pop Saved My Life: A Fan-Girl’s Mental Health Journey

“With great power,
there must also come great responsibility.”

- Stan Lee (1922-2018),  Amazing Fantasy #15, 1962

These words from Stan Lee have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, shaping how I raised my sons,  led my classes, and took responsibility for a provincial Health Department.


They are why I do what I do today, helping other Superheroes.

As a True Believer,

I recognize the value of my struggles,

and of my privilege, and I seek to use both

for the benefit of others.

Thank you, Stan

for being one of my greatest teachers!  


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