To Stigma

Speak Up began with sharing a life-long love of Superhero culture with Embrace Your Superpowers.

Since beginning this mental health journey,

 a new source of inspiration has led me to expand my mission to empower others through pop culture. 

Bulletproof To Stigma

draws from the lyrical content and lived experience of seven young men who have grown up before the world.

BTS is the acronym for Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄 소년단)

meaning 'Bulletproof Boy Scouts'

signifying their desire "to block out stereotypes, criticisms, and expectations that aim at adolescents like bullets."

Their music and lyrics have called out, and challenged,

social norms destructive to youth, and

encourage self-love, empathy, and compassion.

Within this context they have shared their stories of personal mental health challenges, demonstrating the value of friendship, perseverance, and vulnerability.

They are true to the Big Hit Entertainment mission: 

"Music & Artist for Healing."


Leading by example, they empower others.

Bulletproof To Stigma

draws from their creativity and vulnerability to provide a framework for understanding our own mental health:

In Loving Yourself and Speaking Yourself,

You Empower Yourself,

and become 

Bulletproof To Stigma.

BTS Inspired Mental Health Resources & Tools


Keynotes, Workshops & Community Content

*Topics For Your Live Event, Fan Convention, or Workplace*



Start With

"Together We are Bulletproof"


An introduction to

Bulletproof to Stigma

content listed below. 


Then pick themes and specific titles to build a program that works

for your event or organization! 

You Never Walk Alone

Peer Support

Tools & Perspectives

  • We are Bulletproof:  PS Within BTS

  • Boy With Love: PS between BTS & ARMY

  • Mikrokosmos: PS Within ARMY

  • The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Youth & Mental Health

Bus Stop.jpg
Into the Magic Shop

Therapeutic Models within BTS Universe

  • The Power of Magic Shop psychodramatic model in music & Muster

  • From Good Day to Zero O’Clock: Reframing for Recovery

  • Hope World: Positive Psychology

  • Young Forever: Informal modelling of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Not Today

Fighting Stigma &

The Inner Critic

  • Lie: Confronting the Inner Critic

  • Save Me: Seeking Support

  • I’m Fine: Recovery & Resiliency

  • Bapsae: Response to Societal Expectations

  • Cypher series: Strength in Community

  • Not Everyone Will Support Our Recovery: So What?

Festa- Vtoes.jpg
Love Yourself

Self-Compassion & Lived Experience

  • Epiphany: Finding Our Worth

  • Anpanman: The Superpower of Compassion

  • Idol: Self-Acceptance & Self-Definition

  • Spring Day: Friendship and Recovery

Speak Yourself

Sharing Lived Experience

  • MoonchildAnxiety, Depression & Leadership

  • Moon: Life Behind the Smile

  • The Last: Depression, Suicidality, OCD & ADHD

  • Daydream: Phobias & Optimism

  • Serendipity: Body Image, & Brotherhood

  • Inner Child: Being Open to Change & Growth

  • My Time: Pressures of Being the ‘Golden’ Child

Map of The Soul

Reaching our Potential

  • From N.O to ON: The Growth Journey of Lived Experience

  • Persona: Identity & Lived Experience

  • Shadow: Acceptance of Lived Experience

  • Ego: Thriving with Lived Experience


Love Yourself, Speak Yourself
& become
Bulletproof to Stigma!

보라 해

I want to thank BTS for the inspiration

and healing they provide to others

through their creativity, philanthropy,

and lived example.

In developing a mental health program

based on their work

I acknowledge, that like many ARMY,

they have inspired my own recovery.

I Purple You.