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Empowering Mental Health!

Sharon Blady, PhD

Founder & CFG (Chief Fan Grrl)


Mental Health Goes K-Pop!

What happens when a geek girl with mental health conditions reframes them as Superpowers

on her journey from academics to single-parenthood?

All while surviving cancer, domestic violence, and then becoming Health Minister?

She Embraces Her Superpowers & Becomes a Mental Health Superhero!

Let me share with you my secrets of "The Geek Girl Gospel of Mental Health"!

And let's have some fun too!

My love of pop culture and my passion for learning, growing, and helping others

led me to create two mental health programs that foster education and empowerment:

The Marvel-inspired Reframing that started it all! 

Korea's BTS and Their Music for Mental Wellbeing!  

How Can You Become A Mental Health Superhero?


Let Us Know When You'd Like to  Embrace Our Superpowers & Become Bulletproof To Stigma


Check Out Media Interviews. Podcasts  and Presentations & Our YouTube Channel! 


Choose One of Our Three On-Line Communities for tools and resources in Weekly Sessions

Empower!  Educate!  End Stigma!


My programs & services are for people who believe there’s a better way to understand Mental Health and who are brave enough to look within and challenge their perspectives and biases.

I work with people who want the opportunity to find assets where we too often believe only liabilities exist and are willing to be open to new and engaging methods.

I take mental health seriously but believe we can have fun as we learn and grow together.

I promise that engaging with me will help you see Mental Health differently and from a perspective where you gain greater self-knowledge, self-compassion, self-management,

along with empathy and insight to better support those of us with lived experience.

What Our Fans Are Saying!

"The way you present these ideas is truly phenomenal and completely relatable.


I left your presentation looking at everything in a whole new positive perspective!“

Daniella R.

Bayer EYS Participant 

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